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Theta is positioned in the vanguard of a third wave of electronic trading that sees the advent of integrated, multi‑asset solutions. It is built from the ground up to address the challenges facing buy‑side firms as market structures and the trading landscape evolve.

As they step up their pursuit of alpha, CTOs, COOs, CIOs, trading and sales teams face ever greater complexity in terms of their investments, operations and regulations. They need answers to the hard questions raised by increasing margin pressures, entrenched shortcomings in respect of automation and legacy systems, and a heightened focus on security and data protection.

Theta draws upon the successes and lessons learned in the exchange world and from sell-side OTC electronification. It offers an open component architecture, modular and multi-tenanted, that eliminates replication, fragmentation and their associated costs.

Agile delivery is a cornerstone of Theta’s offering. Our user subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model offers clients speed to market and simplifies future deployments in the event of new regulations or other market changes. The subscription model lends itself to flexible pricing in line with a firm’s changing needs, while ensuring ongoing reinvestment in the underlying technology.

Theta has ambitious plans to address the needs of asset and wealth managers, and is currently building its service offerings with a view to launching in early 2020.

Founder and CEO Abdullah Hiyatt has over 20 years’ experience in capital markets. Having advised sell-side firms on strategy, design and building electronic trading solutions. He has also worked with the buy-side alongside large asset managers on the feasibility of Project Neptune. More recently, Abdullah was working with Deutsche Wealth Management to design and build a new global multi-asset trading platform and where he also led the delivery of key MiFID II solutions.

Our Solution

The modular nature of Theta's service offering means it can be a clients' trading platform, or a part of that platform. Key components include real-time pricing/quotes, OMS, liquidity aggregation and execution management, AI, trading analytics, risk and compliance.

MiFID costs and charges, best execution, trade and transaction reporting solutions – all are included. Theta will ensure clients can identify the optimal executions channels available to them.

Theta services are packaged based on user types and fully user configurable and available via:

  • Our own digital front-end that requires zero deployment on the user’s desktop, smartphone/tablet devices
  • Our own or third-party deployed desktop tools
  • Our fully extensible API that allows clients to integrate with their own digital channels

The Model

Theta’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model provides a modular, user subscription-based offering that can be tailored to meet an individual manager’s very specific needs, be they small, medium or larger. There will always be a foundation level in the cost base.


  • Offers a far higher degree of agility
  • Accelerating speed to market
  • Simplified to support future changes

Subscription Model

  • Governed by SLAs and a contract
  • Monthly minimum commitment
  • Value immediately and continuously


  • Align with client goals and delivery
  • Support and drive best practice
  • Ongoing investment in our capabilities


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